Vaccines–the track record may surprise you!

The media entices people into thinking that using vaccines protects people from many serious illnesses. What is reported in the media about vaccines and what has historically occurred with vaccines is quite different. But the actual track record may surprise you. In fact, from the beginning of their use, there was never clear evidence that the vaccines were alleviating the diseases for which they were created.

When we look at both polio and small pox we will see the evidence for prevention through vaccine is very questionable. The death records from about a ten year span before both polio and small pox show that the numbers of people dying from these two diseases went down significantly. And when the vaccine was introduced with polio, the amount of people who contracted polio went up!! With small pox, the disease had also already gone down significantly before the vaccine was produced and the person who developed the vaccine reported years later that it was a failure! Measles was yet another illness that had declined by 98% between 1915 and 1958 just before the vaccine was introduced.

The other very serious problem with vaccines is that they have many toxic ingredients. Many of them still many still have thimerosal–which contains mercury. The adult flu vaccine still has this ingredient unless you ask for a “thimerosal-free” dose. Mercury in very small doses is extremely toxic. In fact, after a three hour exposure, mercury causes cell membrane damage and death in only “very tiny ” amounts. In many of today’s vaccines, aluminum–also toxic–is replacing mercury. It depletes minerals, targets the myelin tissue, can cause fatigue, numbness, paralysis etc.

With so many vaccines being developed today, there has never been a scientific study (double-blind, controlled) proving their efficacy! Yet, we are told that our children need to receive a record amount of vaccines throughout childhood! This is very disturbing. Luckily, many people are “going against the grain” and the entire Autism community has clear guidelines against vaccines for the health of children.

The following are websites to give you more information:

In the worldwide studies of 14 healthy cultures, Dr. Weston A. Price found that immunity to all disease was clearly through a nutrient-dense diet. He saw that “All disease is caused from malnourishment.” For more information about healing and building optimal health with traditional, nutrient-dense foods see

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3 thoughts on “Vaccines–the track record may surprise you!”

  1. It would be appreciated if you could tell me if any vaccines are worth taking. Do any of them work? At what age, if any, should children take vaccines?

    There must be some reliable research out there concerning the track records of each vaccine that is being used. Is it possible that of all the vaccines out there we will find no reasonable basis for taking them and many reason not to?
    Thank you for you response. AWL

  2. Dear Alfred,

    Thank you for your question. I feel that the track record of serious harm from vaccines and the lack of proven efficacy warrants a cautionary view of vaccines. Dr. Weston A. Price proved from his worldwide research on immune populations that true immunity comes from building health with nutrient-dense foods. We also know that trying lower the exposure to toxins is very important to immunity. Below are two excellent reviews of pivotal books on this issue.

    I hope this gives you the resources to further your knowledge.

    Many Blessings,

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