A True Thanksgiving:Become a consumer of naturally raised foods that support the future health of our food supply and population.

Have you thought about the how the decisions you make today will affect people in seven generations? Most of us do not consciously think in these terms, but maybe when it comes to the foods we choose for ourselves and our family, it should be our priority. We are at a critical juncture in history where the  poor decisions about our food supply are affecting the health of our entire population. It has only been since 1950 that our food production, the types and quality of foods we have  available and what foods we are told to eat have been affected by how much profit was made by an entity behind the scene of this drama.

It is certain that as we choose to support foods because of their health-providing qualities we will naturally turn to foods that are not produced in this industrial system. However the integrity of this decision goes farther than this, because by choosing these kinds of foods, we are supporting the health of  the soil, the animals, the water, the air, and the economic stability of small family farms dedicated to bringing these high quality foods to our tables. For this utmost reverence given to the circle of life we can celebrate a true Thanksgiving.

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Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

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