The Health of Our Children–Get Involved in Changing Our Food Supply and Laws–Vote with Your Pocketbooks!

Any thinking, breathing, right-minded person who looks at the state of the health of the people in our country, would have to be extremely alarmed at the mounting signs of disaster. What happens when nearly every child born, faces a terrible condition that will not allow them to live a productive, healthy life? What happens when nearly every child is born with Autism? Do the math! Look at today’s statistics! We are not far from this except for the fact that a huge movement of people are healing themselves and supporting their health with the foods produced with sustainable agriculture–or pasture-raised foods–raw milk, raw butter and pasture-raised meat, eggs and poultry along with fermented cod-liver oil, and fermented dairy and vegetables. These are the foods of our ancestors. These are the foods that supported human life for thousands of years. These are the foods of small family farms who cared about the earth, animals and provided well for their families and friends. This is a movement of people that has embraced the historical relationship with the farmer who is the steward of the earth. These are the foods of our founding fathers. This is real food! Our children cannot be healthy without real food and we cannot expect anything less than a disaster when generations of people do not eat real food!

The raw milk rally in Viroqua, Wisconsin on Monday of this week was just the beginning of the many opportunities we must seize to make it very clear that the government can no longer attempt to control what kinds of foods people choose to insure their health and that of their children. A world without healthy children being born, is no world at all. Good food raised from small family farms is the only food that will support our future on this beautiful planet.

Get involved!! The time is now!! Every person must look at these seeds of disaster and look at the answers that are being provided and not be complacent.

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see Performance without Pain and our new e-book on healing acid reflux.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

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