My Testimony from the Hearing to Legalize Raw Milk in Wisconsin–March 10, 2010–Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Below is my testimony from the hearing for the bill to legalize raw milk in Wisconsin. It was an exciting day for raw milk. Over 700 people gathered to show their support of this bill. People traveled from as far as France to testify! The testimonies went for over 10 hours. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN–LEGALIZE RAW MILK NOW!

My name is Kathryne Pirtle and I am a professional clarinetist with a national career. I play with the Orion Ensemble, which tours throughout North America and am Principal Clarinetist of the Lake Forest Symphony. I also often perform with the Lyric Opera, Ravinia Festival and Chicago Symphony Orchestras. I am 52 years old and at age 45 I nearly died from a severe digestive disorder. I had suffered from chronic pain for 25 years. However, I had followed all the healthy high-fiber, low-fat eating dictates that we are told are necessary to insure good health for my entire life. Excellent health is very important to me. I ate lots of salads, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, a little meat, eggs and dairy and only vegetable oils—no butter.

However, this way of eating was making me very ill. Besides being in chronic pain, at 42 I began experiencing acid reflux, and I developed a severe digestive disorder at 45 which caused me to have chronic diarrhea. I was going to the bathroom about 15 times a day! At that time, I was eating only vegetables, fruit, meat and olive oil. I did not know what to eat or if I would survive.

Luckily, I learned of the work of Dr. Weston A. Price and the Weston A. Price Foundation. Dr. Price was baffled by the amount of chronic illness in his patients and traveled worldwide to see if there were cultures that had perfect health. He found 14 cultures that were immune to disease and had wonderful dental and physical health. Many of these cultures depended on raw milk for their high degree of wellness. Their diets all included ample amounts of nutrient-dense foods that were from animals eating their natural diets.

I began eating these foods—raw milk, cream, butter, bone broth soups, cultured foods, cod liver oil and pastured meats and eggs. I began to consume about a quart of raw milk every day along with lots of raw butter and cream. Gradually, not only did my digestive problems and chronic pain disappear, I have become healthier than ever before as I continue to eat these God-given unprocessed foods.

Not only did raw milk help to save my life, there is a growing worldwide movement of people who are discovering its important health benefits. I have given over 55 seminars across the country, written an important book called Performance without Pain, and given radio and television interviews sharing how nutrient-dense foods like raw milk can heal and build optimal health. I have spoken to the autism and mental health communities; to people suffering from food intolerances like gluten; to families and their children about maximizing learning, concentration and mental health through nutrient-dense foods; to performing artists and athletes and to people who are struggling with chronic illness. My book, website and seminars are an example of the effective information that is spreading throughout the world on helping people overcome the severe health challenges that we are facing today that cannot be ignored and need real solutions—NOW!

Our children cannot wait any longer for real food to be available to each and every person. We have hospitals being built for very sick children who need real food now. The time is now—we cannot wait any longer. We need raw milk now. It must be legalized in every state. The future of our children’s well-being depends on this!

Kathryne Pirtle

3 thoughts on “My Testimony from the Hearing to Legalize Raw Milk in Wisconsin–March 10, 2010–Eau Claire, Wisconsin”

  1. I was not able to attend the hearing and am so greatful to those of you who could. Thank you for making the trip and taking the time to wait your turn to speak in WI. Your testimony is so concise and heartfelt, it gives me goose bumps. Thank you for speaking out for all of us.

  2. We have a big job ahead of us–this is just the first in many to come. It was a thrill to be there–history was made! Thanks for writing.

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