Have you been kissed by a cow today?

Recently I met a group of people who are supporting small sustainable farms at Scott Trautman’s beautiful farm for a tour. I  organized this tour as an ongoing project to offer regular pilgrimages connecting people with these farms and their farmers that love the land so much that they are willing to, as Scott puts it, “Ask the animals and the land what it needs–and not the other way around.” Our food is a gift and when we understand how privileged we are to share in the fruits of the land–we will never, never ever turn away from our responsibility of stewardship.

What a concept of faith and gratitude to Mother Earth and its creatures–to ask what we can do to serve. What greater calling can well up in our souls than asking, “How, dearest soil, plant, animal and brother, can I serve you”….Can we turn this planet around–I know all things are possible with spirit as our guide.

When I experience Scott’s farm I am in awe of the effervescent energy and aura alive there. To walk amongst the cows content on pasture, to cradle the chickens who freely roam, to talk to the pigs who are happily free to be pigs, to smell the amazing sweet aroma of fresh grass and hay, to hear the sounds of nature all around you–I know that this is heaven–what a gift.

But then to share this magic with families and children who have been deprived of this perfect plan–who are grateful and all of the sudden–REALLY GET IT once they go! This is God’s plan for us now–we all need to REALLY GET IT. We need to spread the magic. We need to make a pilgrimage to the farm a regular priority. This is life! Are we truly awake yet if we aren’t connected to the stream of life? What do we value?

By going to the farm with this group, Scott said he can now pay his taxes without taking out a loan! Wow, by supporting small family farms, we not only receive the gift of life-sustaining foods–foods that can heal chronic, life-threatening illness and support optimal health for all, including growing children–we keep our dearest farmer, who cares deeply for the land, from suffering great debt. Farmers deserve better in our country. After all–sustainable farms are the only hope of the future health of our people and planet.

One of the most sacred experiences I have at the farm is communing with the cows. I am awestruck by their beauty and spirit. I feel drawn to their eyes and am blessed when I get a kiss. There is nothing like a big fat kiss from a cow! Their tongue is a little prickly like a cat’s, and when they trust you, they might just show that they like you and let you scratch their head. This is heaven.

Connection to mother earth means physically going to the farm where you get your food if possible. Since we can’t all have a farm, the next best thing is to be a part of the excitement of real food by connecting with it.

Don’t miss out on the magic of the farm in your life journey. Have you been kissed by a cow today?

To find sustainable farms in your area see realmilk.com

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see Performance without Pain and our new e-book on healing acid reflux.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

2 thoughts on “Have you been kissed by a cow today?”

  1. great article! I totally agree!…just need to experience that kiss one day! I hope to attend the next tour!
    thanks so much Kathy!

  2. Thanks for the recap, Kathy
    I so enjoyed the trip and the offerings.

    I have my best childhood memories, spending time and living for a short time on my aunt’s farm in Pinconning, MI. Also visiting my uncle’s and grandparents farms in International Falls, MN where my mother (91) was born.


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