Think Beyond the Pink

Today it seems that many people are accepting illness as a fate to be expected. Instead of seeking the root cause of health epidemics, the public has been sold on accepting grave statistics as unchangeable as well as settling on some of the most toxic approaches to treatment. With breast cancer this seems to be the case. Beginning in junior high, my daughter has heard the “Think Pink”  message in school-based “educational” outreach initiatives. In fact, for $10, she has been convinced to get a strand of “pink” hair woven into her own as a symbol of this message. Thankfully many people are beginning to recognize the money trail behind the smoke screen of these awareness programs.

However new initiatives are pushing through the darkness of our acceptance-based mind set. People want real answers to prevention. There are many ways we can reduce our risk of breast cancer that involve four basic principles:

  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing our toxic load
  • Eating a nutrient-dense diet
  • Improving digestion

There is so much fear around breast cancer that we must know that there are many effective ways of prevention that do not involve the often risky damaging test procedures. Given the possibility that we can attract what we fear–instead of focusing on early diagnosis and a cure, let’s dance  to life-long health and breast health with a nutrient-dense diet and learning the wonderful technique for breast health called Lymphatic Breast Self-Massage. (see ) Also, women should know that thermographies are a better way to have the breasts examined as they do not use x-rays.

One of my health goals has been to prevent cancer—three of my mother’s sisters died from breast cancer and my mother had a prophylactic mastectomy. Unfortunately, until I began eating a traditional diet eight years ago, I was probably on the cancer track without knowing it. Like many health seekers, I had rigorously followed a very “healthy” high-fiber, low-fat diet high in salads, grains, fruits and vegetables, and only a little meat, eggs and dairy—and no butter of course. Sadly, this “healthy” regimen left me very malnourished with a severe digestive disorder. Luckily, I learned about the work of Weston A. Price recovered my health and felt sure that I had found the key to cancer prevention.

Despite this, two summers ago I found a painful lump in my breast that really frightened me. How could this be happening with my diet? Was breast cancer inevitable given my family history? After some initial panic, I did my research and learned that most women get these lumps from time to time and that they are cysts. I also learned that regular self-massage will improve circulation, help existing cysts drain, and help prevent them from forming in the future. Within three days of massaging, the cyst had shrunk substantially and it was gone within a week. What a revelation! Unfortunately, because of the media, most women are scared to death when they find a lump and panic. I was so thankful to have learned this holistic, caring information from a project called “The Breast Health Project.”

Here is the site on breast self-care: It says “Women find that this massage reduces breast pain, breast swelling, PMS breast symptoms, cystic issues, calcifications and even fear of breast cancer” and that “The Breast Health Project has created a new model of breast care based on holistic medicine, using the best of eastern and western therapies.”

In addition, wearing your bra loosely so that lymphatic drainage is not curtailed will help to keep toxins from accumulating in the breast tissue. This can be done easily by purchasing a bra extension or cutting and pinning one from an old bra thereby adding more room around the rib cage. You can also buy bras that are slightly larger.

But why did I develop the lump in the first place was my question? What was the root cause? I started to suspect something with heavy metal toxicity. I had all of my mercury amalgams removed about 20 years ago by a leading biological dentist. If you have read my book, you know that I got a cavity in each of my molars at age 16. Had I not had those amalgams replaced with composite fillings, I am certain, from what I know now, that I wouldn’t have recovered from my life-threatening illness. Let me tell you why!

Although I had all my amalgams removed, up until Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, I had one crown on the bottom right side of my mouth over my first molar. I needed that crown after I cracked my tooth on popcorn at age 20! This crown was porcelain with metal at the bottom and it enclosed a mercury amalgam-filled tooth. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man and silver fillings can be up to 50% mercury! The mercury in our mouths can travel through our lymph system and accumulate in the breast tissue. If you know anything about bad dentistry–this scenario of a metal-bottomed crown over a tooth with an amalgam filling describes one of them, because when you mix metals, you get what is coined “Dental Galvanism.” In Dorland’s medical dictionary, this is defined as:

“A physiochemical phenomenon in which two or more dissimilar metals that have been used to restore or replace missing teeth produce the flow of an electric current.”

Because amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of metals and people often have other metals in their mouth like gold or crowns made with metal, they can be suffering from severe heavy metal toxicity. Dental galvanism causes an amplification of heavy metal toxicity in the body. In fact, to protect the vital organs, the body will try to displace the toxic metals through neural pathways to less important parts of the body, like the breasts and the reproductive organs, thereby protecting the brain, liver, kidneys and heart.

This is what was happening to me with only ONE toxic piece of dental work in my mouth.The lump was in my RIGHT breast.  I experienced sinus drainage behind my RIGHT eye and eyebrow area and thought it was an allergy–only on the RIGHT side?–Not making sense is it! My RIGHT eyelid had a recurring twitch for years. My RIGHT tonsil and RIGHT ear were sometimes sore. I had shingles on the RIGHT side of my face right over that same area where the crown was years ago during a stressful period of my life–excruciatingly painful. Was this my body’s way of trying to detoxify this ONE piece of bad dentistry left in my mouth? Of course! What else could it be.

Since the removal of my last amalgam and the replacement of my crown my sinuses, muscle twitching and ear pain are all completely gone. The breast lump has not returned either. So if you think that your mercury amalgams are not causing you harm, or your mixed metal crown with a mercury amalgam underneath is just fine, or your root canals are not causing any symptoms in your body that you know of—THINK AGAIN! Read Radical Medicine, by Dr. Louisa Williams or any of the other books on mercury toxicity and think again–it could be the best thing you ever have done to protect your health besides eating a nutrient-dense diet!  If you have any dental work done, it is imperative that you work with a highly qualified biological dentist.

Lastly, eating a nutrient-dense diet that supports healthy digestion and getting our foods directly from organic, sustainable farms will help insure that our bodies are well nourished and can efficiently eliminate toxins.

So empower yourself and others by THINKING BEYOND THE PINK! Paired with a nutrient-dense, traditional diet, lymphatic massage and amalgam removal sheds a refreshing light on the possibilities of truly taking charge our health. For more information on healing and building health with nutrient-dense foods and seminars on this subject, see

Best in Health,

Kathryne Pirtle