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Nutrition/Diet for Healing Inflammation

Today, chronic inflammatory ailments such as tendonitis, neck, shoulder and back pain and arthritis are plaguing our population. These debilitating ailments are not just afflicting the elderly, but are seen in people who are in the prime of their lives and can also seriously curtail the careers of those in high-performing fields such as music, dance and athletics.

Our modern foods, food supply and nutritional dictates are largely responsible for the increase in these types of degenerative conditions. Our food supply since 1950 has been controlled by a profit-seeking industrial farming industry and has left us with foods such as refined sugar, grains and vegetable oils that can lead to nutrient deficiencies and digestive problems. Inflammation is often a symptom of a digestive disorder, candida overgrowth and intestinal flora imbalances. Left untreated, these problems can lead to other more serious illnesses.

Performance without Pain offers an effective solution to healing chronic inflammation through a diet consisting of nutrient-dense traditional foods–foods that our ancestors ate for thousands of years.