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Review: What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy

Review: What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy
by Cynthia Cournoyer (Pub. 2010, Better Books Publishing)

Many people spend more time researching what color paint to put on their walls, what brand of car to buy, or what vacation package they should choose compared to studying what issues surround vaccination policy and the possible dangers vaccinations pose to the health of their child. Many are not aware that the number of children suffering vaccine damage is escalating exponentially alongside the increase in the vaccination schedule. Most also do not consider that a vaccine will inject foreign DNA and toxins into their child’s body, which can play havoc on their sensitive immune system. Yet, while other medicines and products on the market are held accountable to safety standards, because of the “vaccine philosophy,” a term coined by the author, vaccines do not receive this same scrutiny and are believed safe and effective with the benefits outweighing the risks. It is this philosophy that promotes vaccines blindly and prevents honest inquiry into the possible harmful effects of vaccine policies.

Consequently when people are told by their doctors that they must follow the vaccination schedule, open disclosure of the risks is not forthcoming. Additionally, schools have become the check point of vaccination compliance, and unless the parent knows that they can sign a religious or philosophical exemption, that child will not be allowed to attend school. Therefore it has been entirely up to parents and independent researchers to do their own inquiry into vaccines. What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy is a thorough guide to the history, efficacy, research practices, policy protocol and political issues surrounding vaccines.

Fortunately, our society is questioning the entire medical paradigm. Cournoyer points to two opposing health approaches that will lead to completely different practices of health care. When Dr. Weston A. Price studied healthy populations worldwide, he found that their immunity to all disease was due to the nutrient-density of their diets. This is completely in line with the research of French physiologist, Claude Bernard who found that germs and disease would only proliferate if the immune system was weakened—that the general condition of the body was the underlying reason for disease. In conjunction, French biologist, Antoine Bechamp discovered that microorganisms are constantly developing into bacteria. If the tissue is healthy, they will provide life support for the cells. However, if the cells are weakened, they will produce diseased microorganisms, which may evolve into a pathogenic state. Likewise, Hannah Allen, author of Don’t Get Stuck: The Case Against Vaccinations and Injections, argued that diseased microbes are a product of the level of health of the host.

To the contrary, Louis Pasteur believed that germs caused the disease. Yet, on his deathbed, he admitted that “Bernard was right. The seed is nothing, the soil is everything.” Hannah Allen comments, “But like the third automobile, which was the proximate cause of the collision but proceeded on its way with impunity, Pasteur envisioned the truth in the 1880s and abandoned the germ theory, leaving the early immature and erroneous theory to be developed, fostered, and perpetuated by others, the ultimate irony. The mischief, medical misunderstanding and error continue to this day, and the price is incalculable.”

Cournoyer shows us how vaccines were developed in support of Pasteur’s principles. She points however to the poor track record they have had in preventing disease. First, the aspect that vaccines create true immunity to a disease has never been accurately proven. Historically, epidemics have come and gone naturally, often due to societal changes in sanitation and true herd immunity—immunity created over time, by large groups of people recovering from cases of the actual disease. This was true with diseases like small pox, polio and diphtheria. These diseases declined in unvaccinated populations as fast as in highly vaccinated countries. Yet, vaccines were given the credit. In fact, many diseases made a resurgence when the vaccine was implemented.

Vaccines were embraced because of the knowledge that having a moderate form of the disease would procure life-long immunity. However, this permanent kind of immunity and that from receiving a vaccination do not yield the same result. A vaccination injects a weakened form of the disease in the body to provoke an immune response. Thus, the reason why vaccines are reported to work is that they have the ability to raise antibody levels, and this is acknowledged as an indication of protection from the disease. Cournoyer counters this and explains that research proves that this type of immune response may give a false immunity and be permanently weakening the body’s immune system, especially considering the increase in the number of recommended vaccines. This is blatantly evident when you study vaccine efficacy records, which reveal that there is a proportion of people that become ill with diseases for which they have been vaccinated. Additionally there are more children who have chronic illness of all kinds than ever before in history. Given that vaccines challenge immune function, are we creating a population of children susceptible to lifelong illness?

The book further analyzes that we are vaccinating people for diseases for which there is little danger. In countries where there are fewer vaccines, there is no higher incidence of the diseases for which they do not vaccinate against.

Not only is vaccine efficacy dubious, today, the risk for vaccine damage has significantly increased. While more vaccines are added to the mandated schedule every year, reports of vaccine side effects and injury such as fever, rash, drowsiness, fretfulness, vomiting, persistent crying, pallor, coldness, hyporesponsiveness, malaise, convulsions, heart or kidney disorders, erythema, arthralgias, encephalitis or even death are becoming more frequent.

Encephalitis is the primary cause of autism and autism is affecting one in 105 children in our country today! Yet the FDA, medical authorities and the media attempts to convince us that vaccines have not played a role in this epidemic. Cournoyer states that “The primary cause of encephalitis in the United States and other industrialized countries is the childhood vaccination program. Sometimes studies will claim that a vaccine is safe because recipients are not subject to any more encephalitis than the general population. That statement is troubling because our general population is up to 100% vaccinated upon school entry. You cannot compare a vaccinated population with a vaccinated control group and hope to find scientific data.” One must ask, can any widespread medical intervention be considered for “the greater good” when the risk for injury is ever increasing and the track record of effectiveness so poor?

The vaccination policy in other countries has become quite disturbing and makes one question the real motives behind the push for the development of more vaccines. In July, 2011, the  Malawi Voice reported that a “group of families who took their children out of the country, to Mozambique, to avoid the free measles vaccine that was being distributed, were rounded up by police and vaccinated at gunpoint upon returning to the country.

“The vaccine safety/choice community has been hearing reports of this happening in Africa for more than a year now, but this is the first official story that I have heard thus far and thus been able to report. In this case the District Health Officer himself, Dr. Matchaya, freely admitted to the newspaper that this was done.

“According to Dr. Medison Matchaya District Health Officer for Nsanje, medics went to vaccinate the children in Nsanje under police escort.

“We were alerted that some children who were hiding in Mozambique were back in the country and we asked police to escort the health officials in order to vaccinate them and we have managed to vaccinate about 131 children,” said Matchaya.

Ginger Taylor, contributing author of the book Vaccine Epidemic commented on this story in her blog, Adventures in Autism, saying:

Wanna know the difference between my vaccine injured son and let’s say, a child in a small African village who suffers a vaccine encephalopathy? In our house we have doors with locks on them to keep him safe inside, and school systems that are legally obligated to serve him. Take a moment and imagine what it would be like to try to keep your neurologically impaired child alive in rural Africa for a month or two. Just watched a short documentary about a new neurological illness befalling children in one African village. Parents have to tie their children to the side of their homes with a rope to prevent them from walking away and dying. That is how they live their entire lives.

Cournoyer reports that vaccine policy is riddled with corruption and conflicts of interest. The vaccine program must therefore be brought to test by independent investigation.  By all indications, protecting health is not its true guiding principle.

The author persuades each person to carefully engage in the issues regarding vaccines. Parents are the most knowledgeable advocate for the health of their own children and must trust their instincts in knowing what is best. If vaccines are not proving to be the answer to preventing disease and may in fact be causing more harm than good, can we afford the repercussions of a society of severely ill people?

Harry Truman’s statement, “A nation is only as healthy as its children,” is a chilling prediction. We as a nation must heed this wisdom and prepare to make changes in our perception of what truly will build the health of our children.

It is time to look at strategies that have a track record of building health. It is therefore appropriate for the Germ Theory that has fostered vaccination development, to take a back seat. If we heed the wisdom of Dr. Weston A. Price, Claude Bernard, Antoine Bechamp and Hannah Allen, building the immune system with excellent nutrition can provide us with the underlying principles necessary for reestablishing the health of our society.

By Kathryne Pirtle

About Cynthia Cournoyer:

Newly revised and updated seventh edition, Cynthia has been writing about the vaccine controversy for nearly 30 years. This guide to the vaccination decision was released in December of 2010. It is available on Amazon and through her website,

Age of Autism–A Critically Important Book

The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine and a Man-Made Epidemic

Dan Olmstead and Mark Blaxell
(Pub.2010, Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press)

The Age of Autism is perhaps the most important new book written about the roots of a catastrophic health pandemic affecting our children. Autism is screaming to be understood. We cannot fathom the repercussions of increasing percentages of autism in our children…What will happen to these children? We have no time to waste in finding real solutions.

You can continue reading  my review of this critically important book by following the link below:
Age of Autism–Book Review

For more information on healing and building health with nutrient-dense foods and seminars on this subject, see Performance without Pain and The Healing Diet for Acid Reflux Disease

Best in Health,

Kathryne Pirtle

Real Stories from the Gulf–Our Oceans Cry Out–WAKE UP!

I attended a heart-wrenching vigil last week–the stories are just now being shared. We must wake up–mother earth–our only home–generations yet to come–change must happen now–WAKE UP!

Oil Spill Vigil Readings

Below are a series of brief facts and stories from people on the gulf region. Several of the facts and stories below are used courtesy of the Gulf Restoration Network. Check out more stories of the Gulf oil spill here:


The fishing communities threatened by the spill produce 30% of America’s seafood and the shrimp, oysters and crabs that New Orleans is famous for. One-third of the Gulf of Mexico fishing grounds are closed. (Source: Gulf Restoration Network)


As of June 4, 278 dead sea turtles have been found. Most were found washed ashore, either dead or in distress. (Source: Gulf Restoration Network)


This is a prime nesting season for Louisiana’s state bird, the brown pelican. Louisiana has about 20 brown pelican nesting sites. And eggs appear to be picking up oil from incubating parents that swim through oil. The oil could be deadly to the 100,000 chicks that will begin coming of age in the coming weeks. (Source: New Orleans Times Picayune)


Sperm whales are endangered species, and the BP spill is located in a canyon that is a prime feeding area for the whales. Biologists say that even if they could move from their prime feeding ground, they might not be able to survive. NOAA estimates that if even 3 sperm whales are killed by the BP spill, their recovery as a species will be in jeopardy. (Source: Gulf Restoration Network)


Because of a federal law passed right after Exxon Valdez, BP’s legal liability for the spill is capped at $75 million. The total damages from the spill will easily reach the tens of billions. BP meanwhile is the fourth largest corporation in the world. They made $239 billion in 2009 alone. (Source: various)


Since the beginning of 2009, BP has employed 49 lobbyists at a cost of $19.5 million. Of these 49 lobbyists, 35 –or 71 percent — previously held federal positions. They’ve also spent $200 million a year on their “Beyond Petroleum” advertising campaign. (Source: Public Citizen)


There is little knowledge of the side-effects of the toxins being poured in the Gulf, though over a dozen workers have reported health problems such as dizziness, headaches, chest pain, and nausea. Dispersants have also never been used to the extent used by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, reaching record levels that has resulted in over 700,000 gallons of the chemical dumped into the water. Essentially, BP is conducting the largest chemical experiment ever attempted in the Gulf of Mexico and the final results will not be in for another 10-20 years. (Source: Gulf Restoration Network)


Brenda Dardar Robichaux, Principal Chief, United Houma Nation:

The United Houma Nation, an indigenous nation numbering approximately 17,000 along coastal, southeast Louisiana, is at high risk of cultural. The Tribe has existed in the bayous and rivers of central South Louisiana long before Louisiana became a state and New Orleans became a French colony. The impact of the spill is already catastrophic to tribal fishermen. The oil has spread west of the Mississippi River. Houma fishermen cannot sustain the losses of just one fishing season, much less several seasons if impacts are long term. With such dire but very real predictions, Houma Nation fishermen may literally cease to exist.


Mike Lane, owner of the recreational charter boat company

My business was fine two months ago, three months ago, and my income will effectively be zero next month. I’m not going to be able to generate any business because most of the areas are closed. Pretty soon pretty much all of them will be closed, plus who wants to come down here and fish in an environment, even the selected parts of it. So it’s not just my business. Everyone’s business that depends on the ability to fish in Louisiana is going to be decimated.


Dean Blanchard, Dean Blanchard Seafood:

I got 1,400 boats, and we do about 900 a day. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to stand right here, there’d be fish stacked up everywhere you look. I’d have 14 or 15 tractor trailers parked out here, 1,000 people running around this place going 24/7.  Now, we got a guy who comes here from London, pollutes the whole Gulf, and I gotta watch him on TV saying that I still got 80% I can fish. You know what? That 80% don’t have the stuff. The 20% is where everything’s at.


Danny Phillips, oysterman

Breathing all that poison, I figured people would get sick and probably can’t even live there anymore to tell you the truth. How are you going to breathe all that everyday? I don’t know. We were just devastated, and if the oil comes over here, we’re going to be devastated again. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have no plan, but I need to start making one if the oil’s coming here.


Rosina Phillip, community elder, Atakapa Tribe:

We need the truth because our very lives, our very livelihood, entire culture depends on getting the truth, knowing what we have to deal with, what is the duration of what we have to deal with. Without the truth we’re sunk. But it’s not happening because people don’t want to get off of that bottom line and it’s all about profit.  It’s all about profit. It’s profit for today and you suffer for generations afterwards. Enough of that.


Patrick Fahey, AmeriPure Oyster Company:

It’s had a profound effect on our business. We’re selling about 25 percent of what we were prior to the spill. The little bit that we’ve got is fine. It’s not been affected by the oil. That’s not to say that at some point in future, these harvest areas won’t be affected.

I’m tired. We have – we’re working twice as hard to do about 25 percent as much. And it grates on you after a while. And just seeing the images of that thing spewing poison into our beautiful Gulf, it just sucks it out of you. It sucks the life out of you.

Only after the last tree has been cut down,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only fter the last fish has been caught,

Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Cree Indian Prophecy

Link Between Rise in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Silver Fillings–Mercury Amalgams

At the Mercury Symposium last year I had the opportunity to listen to leading scientists who have dedicated their life to the study of how mercury in silver fillings drastically affects health. Soon there will be a World Summit to end the use of these poisonous substances in dentistry permanently. The use of mercury amalgams has been a disastrous experiment that has affected the health of people far too long.

Dr. Hal Huggins, a leading dentist and scientist in the field mercury toxicity showed many relationships between trends in toxic dentistry and illness. In 1975, there were approximately 8,800 cases of MS reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). In 1976, a new amalgam filling material was introduced that contained high amounts of copper along with mercury. In 1976, 126,000 cases of MS were reported! Adding copper to amalgams increases the toxicity of mercury.

The notable rise in MS between 1975 and 1976 is just one of the many increases we have seen in chronic illness due to mercury amalgams. Hopefully, very soon mercury amalgams will be banned worldwide. To learn more about this subject, read the book It’s All in Your Head, by Dr. Hal Huggins.

Best in Health,

Kathryne Pirtle

Protocol for the Safe Removal of Silver Fillings (Amalgams)

I have written several posts warning people of the many illnesses and health problems that are related to mercury poisoning from amalgams–silver fillings. This story and amalgam removal protocol was sent to me. I have been unable to find the name of the author–but it is so important, I felt I needed to publish it as it clearly describes the steps necessary to safely remove amalgams as recommended by the Hal Huggins Institute. The proper removal of amalgams is key in preventing further damage from mercury poisoning.

I started taking Dr. Huggin’s supplements to remove the stored mercury from my cells in May, 1991. The change in my mental and emotional states were astounding. Each month I got better and better. My memory returned and my depression left. My energy increased and my anxiety decreased. My entire personality was changing. What a joy! I had blood and urine tests taken to record the loss of mercury. The blood test confirmed the amount of mercury that was being dumped into my body each day and the urine test confirmed the amount that was being excreted due to the Huggin’s supplements. I was excreting more mercury than I was taking in. To be exact, the test indicated that I was taking in .5 micrograms of mercury and excreting 5.0 micrograms. After a few months the changes in myself were so enormous that I made up my mind then and there that I wanted this to be a permanent change in my life. The only way to insure that was to have all of the mercury amalgams removed.So, I called the Huggin’s telephone number and asked for a dentist referral in my area. Also, having interviewed a variety of people, I had several referrals of my own.

I then proceeded to call all of the dentists and interviewed them over the phone. Either talk to the dentist or someone in authority in the office to elicit the information that you desire. Do not go in for a consultation until you have done this. First of all, the consultation will cost you money. Secondly, you don’t even want to use a dentist that is not using the proper protocol for mercury removal. I had read the book, Its All In Your Head, and knew the Huggin’s protocol by heart. I also knew that improper removal of the mercury could cause serious and permanent damage to my health. The Huggin’s protocol for mercury removal was taught by Dr. Huggins in his Colorado clinic to those dentists that were interested in learning the methodology. Dr. Huggins stopped placing mercury amalgam fillings in his patients’ mouths in 1973. He is recognized as one of the leading authorities in the world on mercury amalgam removal. Huggin’s protocol for mercury removal was as follows and these are the questions that you want to ask the dentist or his receptionist over the telephone BEFORE you waste your time or money on a consultation: (This was the protocol when I had my amalgams removed in 1992. New technology and research might have changed it).

Dental Amalgam (Fillings) Removal Questions and Procedures

  • Electro Ferese Machine (EFM) – Does the dentist have one in his clinic? The EFM is designed to attract errant mercury atoms that escape into the environment while amalgam removal is taking place. Generally, the EFM is attached to the ceiling of his work station. This is very important, as you do not want to absorb these escaping atoms into your body via inhalation, etc. When you do go in for a consultation, ask to visibly see this machine.
  • Air Exchange Machine (AEM) – This usually sits on the floor in the work station and physically exchanges the air in the room several times per hour. You should actually see the AEM to ascertain the dentist is in compliance with the Huggin’s protocol.
  • Rubber Dam – This is a square piece of rubber that is placed into your mouth as a safeguard against mercury pieces and/or vapor being swallowed or absorbed during removal. The rubber square is about half the size of a Kleenex tissue and is laid over your open mouth and kept in place with wire frames that fit outside your mouth around your lips. The dentist puts pressure on the rubber around the tooth that he is going to work on so that the rubber breaks in that spot only, adhering firmly around the tooth. That leaves only the tooth to be worked on exposed, effectively protecting the other teeth, tongue, throat and mouth with the rubber dam. While it is difficult to explain, the procedure is quite painless and absolutely necessary. I would not let a dentist touch me for mercury extractions if he did not use this exact procedure.
  • Water Exchange – Constant water/air suction should be used during removal to insure that all of the mercury is immediately removed from your mouth, thus eliminating any chance of absorption from mercury vapors.
  • Sequential Removal – The dentist should have a machine that reads electrical current in your mouth. This machine is called an Amalgameter. It reads positive and negative electrical current in microamps. A ground is placed in your mouth and a probe is touched to each tooth which has a filling in it. The tooth will either have a positive or negative reading. Sequential removal means that amalgams are removed in order, according to the electrical charge. For example, the quadrant having the highest negative reading is done first, moving to the quadrant with the lowest negative reading. Then, the quadrant having the highest positive reading is done moving to the quadrant with the lowest
    positive reading on the Almagameter. COMPLETE RECOVERY IS SELDOM ACHIEVED IF THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT FOLLOWED EXACTLY. A quadrant is a fourth of your mouth.
  • You have the upper left teeth forming one quadrant, the lower left another. The upper right and lower right form the additional two quadrants. After each amalgam extraction, resetting of the current has to be done because the fields change. When I had my current tested it indicated I had a total of 80 microamps. Dr. Voll of Germany has said that there should be no more than six microamps of current in anyone’s mouth. He has also said that the acupuncture meridians in the body are adversely effected by any current greater than six microamps and that this aids the process of disease. Picture these meridians as guitar strings running from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. There is concern about negative current at one microamp. It has been said that some of the dramatic improvements seen in some people after amalgam removal is due to the changes in their electrical field due to the removing of the negative fillings along with getting rid of the mercury.
  • Protamine Zinc Insulin (PZI) – Be sure that the dentist uses a shot of PZI with each quadrant of amalgam removed.
  • Immunization Cycle – Avoid having all appointments on the same day of the week in order to avoid interfering with the 21 day immune cycle. I had mine removed one quadrant a day for four consecutive days. On Monday one quadrant of amalgams was removed and on Thursday the fourth one was removed.
  • Dycal – Make certain that the dentist does NOT use Dycal as a base. Dycal causes electrical current to be generated just as the metals do. All metals, including gold, cause electrical current fields in the mouth. To eliminate these fields, you must eliminate all metals.
  • Do not take vitamin C on the same day as mercury removal takes place because it reduces the pain killing action of the Novocain.

Protocol After Removal

Now that we’ve covered the things that you must interview your dentist on, let’s cover the things that you must do to have the best results from your amalgam removal.

  • Dietary changes are important. This includes the elimination of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol from your diet, and of course, smoking. I believe that organic, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary daily to achieve and maintain optimal health.
  • The taking of supplements to remove the mercury stored in your tissues and brain cells. These supplements can be purchased from Dr. Huggin’s office. Also, several doctors recommend chlorella as a good detox method. There are several other ways to detox, see #20, Detox Body and #21, Detox Brain.
  • As per author, the taking of Aloe Vera Gel. See subject #3, Aloe Vera.

Now, for the final aspect of this procedure. What do you replace the mercury/silver amalgam with? To this question, I am happy to say, there are good answers.

To begin with, there is a blood test. You can call Peak Energy Performance Laboratory in Colorado (1-800-331-2303) and they will send you a kit. You can have the blood drawn locally, then mailed overnight to Peak Energy Performance laboratory in Colorado. They analyze the blood and will give you a list of the replacement materials that you are compatible with. The procedure was called a Compatibility Panel 307 in 1992. The results are given to you and you can take them to your dentist who then, collaboratively, helps you select the best replacement materials for your amalgams. When I did this, the test revealed that I was very compatible with a white filling material called Conquest. This is a white, ground-glass powder mixed with a plastic binder. There are several different name-brands of materials similar to Conquest, but my blood test indicated I was least reactive to the chemical components in Conquest (Post Comp II by Generic Pentron).

As I stated earlier, do not let the dentist use Dycal as a base for the filler in your teeth. The best results overall are with a base called Dropsin. A “base” is a coat of insulation usually placed over the pulp chamber where the nerve lives to decrease the thermal shock of hot and cold sensitivity. Now, for the crowns. If the hole that is left in your tooth after the amalgam is removed is going to be too big, then a normal “filling” will not be suitable. It will not “hold”. In this case, you will need either a crown or an inlay. At this point you have four choices, of which, in my opinion, two are good and two are bad ones. Let me explain the good and bad of all four choices: The four choices are pure porcelain, porcelain over metal, gold, and cast glass. Please remember that these are my opinions and these choices were available in 1992. There might be new materials on the market that are better today.

1. & 2. Porcelain and Porcelain over metal- Porcelain was my choice. Porcelain comes in two ways;

  • Pure porcelain bonded to your tooth
  • Porcelain on top of metal (metal is 86% pure gold) cemented to your tooth.

Since I don’t believe in using metal of any type in one’s mouth, even gold, I chose the pure porcelain. As you have learned in this book, gold does give off an electrical charge and you will have an electrical field in your mouth if you use it, although according to experts it is a very low field. Also, you NEVER mix gold and mercury/silver amalgam in a mouth, not even for one day.

The downside for pure porcelain is two-fold. Porcelain is not as strong as metal/porcelain crowns. Heat and cold sensitivity lasts longer due to the fact that porcelain is simply bonded to the tooth while metal/porcelain crowns have a metal and cement base that adds a “buffer” separating the nerve in the tooth from heat and cold.

There are many different brands of porcelain. Since aluminum is an ingredient in porcelain, you must be careful to use one brand of porcelain only. Research data on the brand “Di Cor” shows a 100 to 500 thousand year half-life in aluminum leakage. In other words, you don’t have to worry about it in your lifetime because it will take a minimum of 100 thousand years for half of the aluminum to leak out of the porcelain.

3. Gold – The third choice is gold. A good point about gold is that it is the strongest choice, a bad point is that it will create an electrical field in your mouth which can be harmful to your health according to experts.

4. The fourth choice is Cast Glass. This is probably one of the best materials, but it is not strong and the crowns can break and crack with hard usage.

Taking everything into consideration, I elected to use pure porcelain and I have been happy with the choice. I have absolutely no electrical field in my mouth and the sensitivity to hot and cold diminished in a short time.

Everyone is different with their level of tooth sensitivity. I have talked to people who hardly notice a sensitivity at all while others had varying degrees of sensitivity. In my case, sensitivity was acute for several months, though within nine months it was barely discernible. It has been several years since I had my crowns put in and there is no sensitivity at all. I have been told that I am the exception to the rule, that most people don’t have as much sensitivity as I experienced.

Dental Amalgams (Fillings), Electrical Testing and Other Issues

Your dentist MUST check the electrical fields each time you come in for amalgam removal because the fields can change from quadrant to quadrant. This is part of the sequential removal procedure discussed earlier. During my mercury/amalgam extraction I also supported my adrenal glands by taking pantothenic acid and vitamin C. I took this combination for months prior to the extraction, but eliminated the vitamin C on the mornings scheduled for extraction, electing to take it in the afternoons (recall, vitamin C decreases the effectiveness of Novocain) and I continued taking it for some time afterward. I also added a freeze-dried adrenal gland supplement which I took before, during, and after amalgam removal. It just seems to me that since the adrenal glands are so sensitive to stress, that I should support them to the best of my ability during the extraction process. The stress on the body is tremendous at that time.

One more bit of information. My amalgams were removed in January of that year, but I didn’t start losing weight until three months later, in April. From April until August, I had lost 20 pounds. I believe the delay was the time necessary for the Pineal to recover from 30 years of “shell shock” in being bombarded with electro-magnetic fields. There is probably a time of adjustment and repair necessary for it to start functioning properly.

I must add here that the process of extraction was absolutely painless!!!! I never had one uncomfortable moment. And, my energy level was high and my mental condition, i.e., emotional stability, etc., was excellent. I think it was partially due to the adrenal support and the liter of Aloe that I drank daily, consuming four liters in four consecutive days of extraction. At that time I was taking Coate’s Aloe which comes in liter bottles (33.8 oz. in a liter Vs 32 oz. in a quart). From laboratory reports, at that time, I knew that Coate’s Aloe had between 1500 and 2500 mg./L of the healing ingredients I sought, therefore, one liter each day was adequate. If I had been taking R-Pure Aloe, I would have had to only take three ounces per day, as R-Pure Aloe guaranteed, at that time, 448 mg. per ounce of the healing ingredients. My goal was to consume a minimum of 1200 mg. of Aloe’s healing ingredient per day.

In ending this section, I would like to expound on the importance of selecting the dentist. The dentist that removed my amalgams is in West Palm Beach, Florida, and his name is Dr. Medlock. He was trained by Dr. Huggins and is a very sincere, conscientious person. Working with him and his staff was a pure delight. The staff always greeted me with an upbeat, happy attitude and demonstrated the utmost concern for my safety and comfort.

Dr. Medlock’s knowledge and input helped me tremendously in deciding on the proper crowns for my teeth. Thanks to his desire for continuing education, a recent seminar he had attended provided him new-found information on using the Di Cor porcelain.

Not long after I had finished my extractions, Dr. Medlock returned from another seminar on mercury extraction where he discovered a substitute for the rubber dam. It is a combination drill and semi-rubber dam all in one.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank him again for the safe, successful mercury extraction that I experienced. He has also been helpful in providing me with some of the necessary names and techniques listed in this book, not to mention his critique of this subject for accuracy.

Now, the last reference I am going to make in this topic occurred on December 16, 1990, on national television. Sixty Minutes, the popular television show, did an expose on mercury amalgams. I have the transcript of the show. Anyone can order it by calling Burrelle’s Information Services at 1-800-777-TEXT, OR
Journal Graphics 1-800-825-5746, or write to Journal Graphics, 1535 Grant Street, Denver Colorado 80203-1843. The television segment is entitled “Is There Poison in Your Mouth? To order it you must request it by date and segment title. I highly recommend that you order this transcript and read it. The contents are mind boggling.

The following information is excerpted from the transcript with permission from CBS.

—- Copyright, CBS Inc., 1990. All Rights reserved. Originally broadcast in December, 1990, over the CBS Television network and affiliates —-

Morley Safer: “Is there poison in your mouth? The American Dental Association says there isn’t, but some of its members say there is and have stopped using it. Mercury is more poisonous than lead or even arsenic.

Because its been around so long and because it was assumed that the mercury wasmade stable when mixed with other metals, amalgam fillings were never testedfor safety – one of those remedies that the Food and Drug Administration automatically approved, but now a growing number of scientists, doctors and dentists are saying silver amalgams should be banned. Last summer, the EPA banned mercury from indoor latex paint because of mercury vapor. The vapor level in this patient’s mouth after chewing for 10 minutes is 92 times higher than the mercury-vapor level in a newly painted room – three times higher than the U.S. Government allows in the work-place.

Dental Amalgams (Fillings), Medical Schools

A number of medical schools are looking at the relationship between mercury vapor in the mouth and a whole variety of diseases. Alzheimer’s, arthritis and colitis have all been linked to mercury poisoning. Mercury in the work-place has produced kidney damage, brain damage, birth defects and symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Up until seven years ago, the ADA said no vapor at all was released from fillings. The ADA is adamant that mercury in a patient’s mouth is safe – so adamant that in 1986 – it changed its code of ethics. It became a violation of that code for any dentist to recommend the removal of amalgam because of mercury.

The Inclusion of the “Is There Poison In Your Mouth?” Television script does not imply endorsement of the author’s editorial content therein.

By changing its code of ethics the ADA can now charge a dentist with fraud, get expert witnesses to testify against him, and revoke his license. Therefore any dentist that speaks out against mercury dental amalgams could lose his license and livelihood! And, it HAS BEEN DONE. Please read the 60 minute transcript to find out more.

I end this chapter on a note of sadness. It has been called to my attention that the panthers of the Everglades of Florida, an endangered species, are being killed by mercury poisoning. There are only a few dozen left in the Everglades and recently several have died. Panther No. 27, as the 4-year-old female was called, had a higher mercury level in its body than did victims of history’s most notorious mercury poisonings, at an industrial town in Japan.

If mercury in the environment is this deadly, think about having a toxic waste dump in your very own mouth, spewing out vapors every second of every day that you live, and for that matter, long after you die.

I hope this helps to enlighten you, to open your eyes to the lies that are being fed to you concerning the SAFETY of mercury amalgams. It’s your physical and mental health that are being destroyed. It’s you that is being cheated out of the full enjoyment of life which can only come hand in hand with a healthy, robust body and mind. I made my decision, and I had all of my mercury amalgams removed in January of 1992.

For those of you with any doubt as to mercury’s dangers, I would recommend that you read a book called “Beating Alzheimer’s” by Tom Warren. It is listed in the back of this book under the section entitled, Recommended Books to Read. Tom Warren was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease and for six years he and his wife searched for answers to beat his INCURABLE disease. “Beating Alzheimer’s” is his own true story, and in his book, Tom devotes an entire chapter to mercury fillings.

The November 11, 1988, issue of Dental and Health Facts News Letter, published by the Foundation For Toxic Free Dentistry, reports that a group of researchers at the University of Kentucky found increased mercury in Alzheimer’s brain tissue.

The Stortebecker Foundation for Research, in Stockholm, Sweden, reports that the high concentrations of metallic mercury found post-mortem in the brain originate mainly from the mercury in dental amalgam fillings. However, far more dangerous are similarly released mercurial fumes, which settle in the mucous membranes of the upper region of the nasal cavity and are then transported directly to the brain. A silver filling is composed of five dissimilar metals: 50 percent pure elemental mercury, 35 percent silver, 13 percent tin, two percent copper, and a trace amount of zinc. When these dissimilar metals combine with saliva, a battery effect occurs. Studies indicate that an electrical current accelerates the release of hazardous mercury vapor.

A research paper entitled Dental “Silver” Tooth Fillings: A source of Mercury Exposure Revealed by Whole-Body Image Scan and Tissue Exposure and written by Leszek J. Hahn, et al, published on August 28, 1989, by the Departments of Radiology and Medical Physiology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It ended all speculation about the stability and dangers of mercury silver fillings by reporting what happened when radioactive mercury-silver fillings were placed in the teeth of adult sheep. Mercury appeared in high concentrations in the sheep’s’ kidneys, livers, jaw tissue, and gastrointestinal tracts. In each animal, it was found in lower concentrations in the frontal cortices, occipital cortices, thalami, cerebrospinal fluid, pituitary gland, thyroid and adrenal. It was found throughout their whole bodies – within twenty-nine days.I have read, from knowledgeable sources, that many of the chemical imbalances found in people are created by reactions to toxic substances in the mouth. They include mercury, copper, nickel, beryllium, aluminum, molybdenum and other metals found in fillings, crowns, braces and removable bridges. Plastic fillings contain phenol, hydroquinone, formaldehyde, boron, strontium, urethane and toluene.

These are just a few of the chemicals that people are exposed to from these fillings. Even “gold crowns” contain notable amounts of copper, palladium, silver, tin and zinc in the non-biological, or metallic forms which can react with our bodies. These metals and chemicals can combine with your hemoglobin where oxygen is supposed to travel resulting in the experience of chronic fatigue. They can combine with your hormones such that your blood test may look “normal” yet the hormones are not fully active due to contamination from some of these metals. They can attach to normal cells in your body and make them register abnormal, or “nonself” to your own immune system. When this happens, your white blood cells will start to destroy those “non-Self” cells thinking they are invaders. This creates what is called an autoimmune disease. Examples are Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Arthritis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and many others.

Important Results of Scientific Research Done on Mercury Toxicity

The book, The Mercury in Your Mouth–The Truth about “Silver” Dental Fillings, (Quicksilver Press), is another excellent source for learning about the effects of mercury toxicity. It contains the results of some of the most important scientific studies that have been done in relationship to dental amalgams. It is unfortunate that knowledgeable dentists are unable to openly write about this information without fear of losing their license and most people are quite unaware of the extent to which mercury may be the underlying cause of their health complaints. Therefore, the public needs to share this information.

The book describes mercury as a “cytotoxin.” It is poisonous to all living cells and can bind with any molecule called a “sulfhydrl”–which is found in most proteins–the building blocks for all tissues. As a result–mercury can interfere with virtually any process or organ in the body. Mercury has a long history of being reported as a poison. 2,500 years ago, the Greeks used it as a murder weapon by pouring it into the victim’s ear–thereby paralyzing the brain and causing almost instant death. It has been marked an extremely toxic poison in every encyclopedia description. In a widely-respected toxicological manual–The Pharmacological Basics of Therapeutics (Eighth Edition, Pergamon Press, 1990)–it states that:

Short term exposure to elemental mercury vapor may produce symptoms within hours; these include weakness, chills, metallic taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dyspnea, cough, and a feeling of tightness in the chest. Pulmonary toxicity may progress to an interstitial pneumonitis with severe compromise of respiratory function. Recovery, although usually complete, may be complicated by residual interstitial fibrosis.

Chronic exposure to mercury vapor produces a more insidious form of toxicity that is dominated by neurological effects (Friberg and Vostal, 1972). The syndrome is referred to as asthenic vegetative syndrome and consists of the following findings (Goyer, 1985): goiter, increase uptake of radio-iodine by the thyroid, tachycardia, labile pulse, gingivitis, dermographia, an increases mercury in the urine. With continued exposure, tremor becomes noticeable and psychological changes consist of depression, irritability, excessive shyness, insomnia, emotional instability, forgetfulness, confusion, and vasomotor disturbances (such as excessive perspiration and uncontrolled blushing, which together are referred to as erethism. ) Common features of intoxication from mercury vapor are severe salivation and gingivitis.

To add to this scenario, dental office staff are carefully instructed about the careful  handling of amalgam material as it is classified by OSHA as “hazardous.” Remarkably–once it is put in your mouth–it becomes safe? In 1992, the World Health Organization declared that mercury is so poisonous that no amount of mercury absorption is safe!

A study done by publisher, Sam Ziff and his son, Michael Ziff, DDS published in 1993–A Consolidated Symptom Analysis of 1569 Patients”— compiled the changes in health that occurred with the removal of amalgams in people from Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Colorado. Here are some of the results:

  • Chronic fatigue –45% reported this problem–86% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Headaches–34% reported this problem–87% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Vision Problems–29% reported this problem–63% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Depression–22% reported this problem–91% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Dizziness–22% reported this problem–88% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Skin Disturbances–20% reported this problem–81% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Memory Loss–17% reported this problem–73% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Lack of Concentration–17% reported this problem–63% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Gastrointestinal Problems–15% reported this problem–83% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Allergies–14% reported this problem–89% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Insomnia–12% reported this problem–78% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Ulcers and Sores in the Oral Cavity–12%reported this problem–86% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Irregular Heartbeat–10% reported this problem–80% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Muscle Tremor–8% reported this problem–83% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Gum Problems–8% reported this problem–94% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Irritability–8% reported this problem–90% of those reported cure or improvement
  • Multiple Sclerosis–7% reported this problem–75% of those reported cure or improvement

Dr. Ziff states that, “You wouldn’t take a leaky thermometer, put it  in your mouth, and leave it there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Yet that’s exactly what happens when an amalgam filling is installed in your mouth.”

The book also discusses these important research studies:

  • In animal experiments of Murray Vimy, DMD and Fritz Lorscheider, PhD,  the presence of amalgam fillings in the mouth caused a decline in kidney function of 54% within 30 days and 60% within 60 days. These changes are considered sub-clinical as there are no “overt” symptoms.
  • The research of Dr William Markesbery and Dr. Willaim Ehmann determined that there is a higher level of mercury in the brains of persons who died of Alzheimers–and a lower level of two major minerals which protect against mercury–zinc and selenium.
  • The research of Drs. Vasken and Mary Aposhian at the University of Arizona, showed that two-thirds of the body-burden of mercury comes from amalgam dental fillings, with only one-third coming from food and the environment.
  • Lastly, research by Dr. Anne Summers, a molecular biologist at the University of Georgia, determined that “the presence of mercury in the body stimulates antibiotic resistance among bacteria in the GI tract–that dental amalgam is an identified factor in the widespread development of antibiotic resistance.

A summary of how mercury interferes with basic metabolic processes is eloquently described by Alfred Zamm, MD, FACP in this statement from his research:

Mercury poisoning is impaired oxidation. It’s like having an invisible cord around your neck that’s strangling you, but you can’t feel the cord is there. [The strangulation] is biochemical, but the principal is the same: mercury reduced the amount of oxygen you get. The body keeps adjusting, but with every adjustment it gets sicker and sicker. And ultimately you will die from this.

I realized that when you were at this level of impaired oxidation, then everything else would follow: autoimmunity, inability to deal with infections, bizarre illnesses that don’t make sense otherwise. These environmental illnesses are due to a lack of energy packages required for the detoxification process.

Therefore mercury toxicity deprives the body of oxygen-and any process in the body requiring oxygen will be less efficient in the presence of mercury.

Learning about the effects of mercury toxicity can alert us to the shocking evidence of how many epidemics in illnesses may have a relation to this issue. Besides personally taking steps to find a biological dentist who can assist us in the safe removal of these poisonous substances from our bodies, we can become a help to others by sharing this information.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see Performance without Pain and our new e-book on healing acid reflux.

Mercury Poisoning from Silver Fillings–“Amalgams”–What are Some of the Known Symptoms?

The book, It’s All in Your Head, The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness by Hal Huggins, DDS, MS is a work of utmost importance. Since dental health has been completely compromised from our poor food supply, nearly every person has suffered the consequences and required cavitation surgery–the placement of fillings in the teeth. However, the most common material used for this important–literally “life-saving” treatment–not only contains at least 54% mercury, but is mixed with other metals (copper, silver, tin and zinc) that increase the mercury toxicity through galvanization–an electrical current produced from two or more dissimilar metals. So while the teeth are protected from further decay, the resulting heavy metal toxicity may be devastating to health.

Huggins discusses that mercury attacks the body in many ways so the symptoms of mercury poisoning vary from person to person.  He states that “Mercury kills cells by interfering with their ability to exchange oxygen, nutrients and waste products through the cell membrane. Inside the cell, mercury destroys our genetic code, DNA, leaving us without the ability to reproduce that cell ever again. Immunologically, mercury embeds itself in a cell membrane, giving the cell the appearance of being”non-self, ” which is the trigger for the immune system to destroy that specific cell. With mercury in your cell membranes, the immune system will start destroying your own tissues, thus the term autoimmune disease. Examples of these are diabetes, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma and lupus.” Courageously, Huggins, and the growing community of biological dentists have shown us that many of these serious illnesses may be reversed through the proper removal of these amalgams.

Huggins categorizes the medical diseases he saw as related to amalgams into five categories:

  1. Neurological (motor and sensory)–tremors, seizures, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, emotional disturbances, unexplained depression, anxiety, unprovoked suicidal thoughts
  2. Immunological–lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Cardiovascular–unexplained heart pains, irregular heart beat, high and low blood pressure
  4. Collagen–ie osteoarthritis and diseases that affect the collagen
  5. Miscellaneous–chronic fatigue, brain fog, digestive diseases and Crohn’s disease

Below is a list of common symptoms from his extensive study that are suspected to be of dental origin:

  • Unexplained irritability
  • Constant or frequent periods of depression
  • Numbness or tingling in extremities
  • Frequent urination at night
  • Unexplained chronic fatigue
  • Cold hand and feet, even in moderate weather
  • Bloated feeling most of the time
  • Difficulty with short-term memory
  • Constipation on a regular basis
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Tremors or shakes of hands, feet, head, etc.
  • Twitching of face and other muscles
  • Frequent leg cramps
  • Constant  or frequent ringing or noise in ears
  • Shortness of breath
  • Frequent or recurring heartburn
  • Excessive itching
  • Unexplained rashes, skin irritation
  • Constant or frequent metallic taste in mouth
  • Jumpiness and nervousness
  • Constant death wish or suicidal intent
  • Frequent insomnia
  • Unexplained chest pains
  • Constant or frequent pain in joints
  • Tachycardia
  • Unexplained fluid retention
  • Burning sensation on tongue
  • Headaches just after eating
  • Frequent diarrhea

Through the careful removal of amalgams, biological dentists are helping people to overcome serious health issues caused by heavy metal toxicity. As we move forward in understanding all of the necessary components to reversing and preventing  dental carries and chronic illness through nutrient-dense foods, we will hopefully provide future generations with the correct knowledge to alleviate the necessity of dental fillings. In the mean time, we must be cognizant of the wide ranging symptoms of mercury toxicity so that we may understand their root cause, which diet alone will not correct.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see Performance without Pain and our new e-book on healing acid reflux.

Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?

Most people who are interested in holistic medicine, the real food movement and organic foods understand how terribly toxic mercury amalgams and root canals are. I wrote an important post on mercury toxicity and candida overgrowth on my blog just after hearing the remarkable 6 hour seminar of Dr. Louisa Williams at the Wise Traditions Conference. Her book Radical Medicine should be required reading for every person on this planet!! Radical Medicine is not for people who want to keep their head in the sand–it’s for those of you who want to know “why” we are struggling with so many health issues. It’s for people who truly want to get better and know that diet–even the best Weston A. Price diet in the world is not enough!!!

I had all of my mercury amalgams removed about 20 years ago by a leading biological dentist. If you have read my book, you know that I got a cavity in each of my molars at age 16. Had I not had those amalgams replaced with composite fillings, I am certain, from what I know now, that I wouldn’t have recovered from my life-threatening illness. Let me tell you why!

Although I had all my amalgams removed, up until Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, I had one crown on the bottom right side of my mouth over my first molar. I needed that crown after I cracked my tooth on popcorn at age 20! This crown was porcelain with metal at the bottom and it enclosed a mercury amalgam-filled tooth. If you know anything about bad dentistry–this scenario describes one of them, because when you mix metals, you get what is coined “Dental Galvanism.” In Dorland’s medical dictionary, this is defined as:

“A physiochemical phenomenon in which two or more dissimilar metals that have been used to restore or replace missing teeth produce the flow of an electric current.”

Because amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of metals and people often have other metals in their mouth like gold or crowns made with metal, they can be suffering from severe heavy metal toxicity. Dental galvanism causes an amplification of heavy metal toxicity in the body. In fact, to protect the vital organs, the body will try to displace the toxic metals through neural pathways to less important parts of the body, like the breasts and the reproductive organs, thereby protecting the brain, liver , kidneys and heart.

This is what was happening to me with only ONE toxic piece of dental work in my mouth. Last summer I noticed a lump in my RIGHT breast, which I was able to massage away through the self-breast massage technique I talked about in an earlier blog article. I also was experiencing sinus drainage behind my RIGHT eye and eyebrow area this last summer and thought it was an allergy–only on the RIGHT side?–Not making sense is it! My RIGHT eyelid has had a recurring twitch for years. My RIGHT tonsil often was sore. My RIGHT ear was sometimes sore. I had shingles on the RIGHT side of my face years ago–excruciatingly painful. Was this my body’s way of trying to detoxify this ONE piece of bad dentistry left in my mouth. Of course! What else could it be.

So if you think that your mercury amalgams are not causing you harm, or your mixed metal crown with a mercury amalgam underneath is just fine, or your root canals are not causing any symptoms in your body that you know of—THINK AGAIN! Read RADICAL MEDICINE and think again–it could be the best thing you ever have done to protect your health besides eating a nutrient-dense diet!  If you have any dental work done, it is imperative that you work with a highly qualified biological dentist.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see Performance without Pain and our new e-book on healing acid reflux.

Chlorine and Fluoride in our water since World War l

It’s interesting that some of the chemicals we use to create  public drinking water were actually used as poisons beginning in World War l. Chlorine was used in World War l as a toxic chemical weapon and fluoride was the principal active ingredient in rat poison for years before it was added to our drinking water supply after World War ll. While chlorine sterilizes our water, it can also destroy much of our beneficial intestinal flora. Fluoride has been shown to weaken bones and increase the risk for heart disease and bone cancer in young men. Still today 75% of our population drinks chlorinated tap water, much of which also contains fluoride.

To build optimal health it is critical to clean up your drinking water supply. Reverse osmosis does the best job of removing toxins from water, but also leaves the water de-mineralized. Without going to a huge expense of buying your own reverse osmosis system, many grocery stores offer reverse osmosis water very cheaply. If you purchase your own glass jars to store the water, you will have a better supply of drinking water without having to have it delivered. If you want to re-mineralize your reverse osmosis water, you may want to purchase one of the reasonably priced filtration systems–like the system from Nikken–that will do this to your reverse osmosis water.

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see Performance without Pain and our new e-book on healing acid reflux.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

The Relationship Between Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Fillings and Candida Overgrowth

We have discussed the severe problems with mercury-laden silver fillings. Mercury is one of the most toxic metals in the world and amalgams contain 45% mercury. Dr. Louisa Williams’ important book called Radical Medicine”points to research done by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in the 1990’s that shows how mercury amalgams initiate candida overgrowth.

He states that:
“Mercury suffocates the intracellular respiratory mechanism and can cause cell death. So, the immune system makes a deal: it cultivates fungi and bacteria that can bind large amounts of toxic metals. The gain:the cells can breathe. The cost: the system has to provide nutrition for the microorganisms and has to deal with their metabolic products.”

Also from the book The Mercury in Your Mouth-The Truth About Dental Fillings, it states that:

Indigestion and weak stomach acid are associated with mercury toxicity. The gastrointestinal tract is one of the organ systems which absorbs the highest concentration of mercury. Fillings are constantly bathed in saliva. When the immune system is weakened by mercury, candida fungus multiplies rapidly.

Although the removal of dental amalgams is a very complicated process and a biological dentist must thoroughly assess the health of the patient before removal can be recommended, the eventual removal of these amalgams is a prudent step in long-term health. Removing mercury amalgams along with a nutrient-dense diet will help to alleviate the pervasive health problems associated with Candida overgrowth and dysbiosis significantly.

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see Performance without Pain and our new e-book on healing acid reflux.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle