Why are vitamin A and D from natural sources so important to good health?

There is so much information about this or that vitamin–but Dr. Weston A. Price’s pivotal research on the diets of healthy populations worldwide determined the critical importance of foods that contain ample vitamin A and D. He found that while the 14 healthy cultures that he studied had different diets, one common element were foods rich in these two nutrients. These cultures consumed more than 10 times the amount of vitamin A and D than people in the US–in 1930! And this level would be much higher today. Foods that are particularly dense in these nutrients are high quality fermented cod liver oil (see www.greenpasture.org), egg yolks, liver and butter (from grass-fed animals) and fish eggs.

Dr. Price found that without adequate amounts of these two nutrients that a person could not absorb the other nutrients in the diet no matter how good the diet. In fact, he found that deficiencies in these vitamins caused noticeable genetic changes in the skeletal structure–a narrowing of the skull and face causing crooked and crowded teeth. We are seeing this narrowing in almost every child born today.

Vitamin A and D are the only vitamins that function as hormones. They help express the correct genetic material in the cells. When there is a deficiency, genetic changes can occur.

The best way to insure that your diet is rich in these fat-soluble vitamins is to eat traditional, nutrient-dense foods–foods from animals eating their natural diet.

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Kathryne Pirtle

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