How to Maximize Calcium Absorption

So many people today suffer from serious problems having to do with calcium absorption. People are purchasing calcium supplements by the tons in hopes of preventing calcium deficiencies. We have epidemic numbers of people with osteoporosis, poor dental health, weak bones and diseases that have to do with calcium being deposited in the wrong places, like the arteries and organs. What are some of the factors of this trend?

First, most diets do not have adequate vitamins A and D from natural old fashioned foods like high quality fermented cod liver oil, egg yolks and liver. Without these key nutrients, the body cannot absorb calcium or any other vitamins well.

Second our diets are low in vitamin K2, which is ample in foods from animals on pasture. Vitamin K2 acts like the mortar for the bricks of both vitamin A and D in putting calcium in the right places in the body, like the teeth and the bones and not in the arteries. With the corn feeding of our livestock, we have an entire population deficient in this vitamin.

Third, low fat diets do not support calcium absorption. Without traditional fats in the diet like butter, coconut oil and lard, we cannot utilize calcium properly.

Next, our diets lack the easy-to-digest traditional foods that are rich in calcium. Bone-broth soup and cultured raw dairy from grass-fed cows and goats are foods that were eaten for thousands of years, yet they largely disappeared from our diets with the industrialization of our food supply.

Finally, diets lacking the probiotic foods that support good digestion, will also hamper calcium utilization.

Unfortunately all the calcium supplements in the world will not make up for the nutritional building blocks available in real food–no matter how much they cost or how many commercials support that product!!

The key to  improving calcium absorption is eating a nutrient-dense, traditional diet. For more information see

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  1. DR. Oz had a show on how pills, even those processed by our bodies are affecting fish in our seas.
    It’s high time we all start taking responsibility about the
    way we think pills are a substitute for good, unprocessed foods.

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