Tradtional fermented foods–why everybody needs them for good health

Traditionally cultured and fermented foods like plain whole milk kefir and yogurt from grass-fed cows, homemade sauerkraut, kimchee and pickled beets, and beverages like beet kvass and  kombucha were common foods throughout history before refrigeration. They were a way to preserve foods worldwide. Would it surprise you to know that you absolutely cannot afford to live without them though?

In order to function properly–that is to break down our foods into usable components and detoxify our body– the human digestive system needs ample probiotic bacteria and enzymes. Fermented and cultured foods naturally provide these components. Without these kinds of foods, we may develop many serious digestive problems like candida overgrowth, which chemically change the way our foods are processed and we will not be able to get rid of toxins. Ultimately, poor digestion equals poor health. In fact, acid reflux, inflammatory conditions of all kinds and cancer can be linked to poor digestion and a toxic overload.

Do your health a big favor–devote time to learning to prepare these delicious cultured and fermented foods. As your digestion improves so will your health!

For more information on preparing cultured and fermented foods see our website at Both of our books, Performance without Pain and our e-book on healing acid reflux are wonderful guides to optimizing digestion.

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Kathryne Pirtle

2 thoughts on “Tradtional fermented foods–why everybody needs them for good health”

  1. Does anyone know why I have a problem with every fermented food I eat? From saurkraut to kombucha, kefir, even some kinds of yogurt. The only one I seem to be able to tolerate is my own homemade beet kvass. Everything else makes me feel disoriented, almost unable to concentrate like I am under the influence of alcohol?

  2. Hi Trish,
    It may be that you are still healing from a leaky gut and react to many foods. Do you consume raw butter, bone broth soups and do you take fermented cod liver oil and the butter oil from These foods will help aid in the healing of your digestive tract. Also–if you eat a lot of raw vegetables, it may be difficult for your to heal your gut.

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