Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?

Most people who are interested in holistic medicine, the real food movement and organic foods understand how terribly toxic mercury amalgams and root canals are. I wrote an important post on mercury toxicity and candida overgrowth on my blog just after hearing the remarkable 6 hour seminar of Dr. Louisa Williams at the Wise Traditions Conference. Her book Radical Medicine should be required reading for every person on this planet!! Radical Medicine is not for people who want to keep their head in the sand–it’s for those of you who want to know “why” we are struggling with so many health issues. It’s for people who truly want to get better and know that diet–even the best Weston A. Price diet in the world is not enough!!!

I had all of my mercury amalgams removed about 20 years ago by a leading biological dentist. If you have read my book, you know that I got a cavity in each of my molars at age 16. Had I not had those amalgams replaced with composite fillings, I am certain, from what I know now, that I wouldn’t have recovered from my life-threatening illness. Let me tell you why!

Although I had all my amalgams removed, up until Monday, Feb. 1, 2010, I had one crown on the bottom right side of my mouth over my first molar. I needed that crown after I cracked my tooth on popcorn at age 20! This crown was porcelain with metal at the bottom and it enclosed a mercury amalgam-filled tooth. If you know anything about bad dentistry–this scenario describes one of them, because when you mix metals, you get what is coined “Dental Galvanism.” In Dorland’s medical dictionary, this is defined as:

“A physiochemical phenomenon in which two or more dissimilar metals that have been used to restore or replace missing teeth produce the flow of an electric current.”

Because amalgam fillings are made of a mixture of metals and people often have other metals in their mouth like gold or crowns made with metal, they can be suffering from severe heavy metal toxicity. Dental galvanism causes an amplification of heavy metal toxicity in the body. In fact, to protect the vital organs, the body will try to displace the toxic metals through neural pathways to less important parts of the body, like the breasts and the reproductive organs, thereby protecting the brain, liver , kidneys and heart.

This is what was happening to me with only ONE toxic piece of dental work in my mouth. Last summer I noticed a lump in my RIGHT breast, which I was able to massage away through the self-breast massage technique I talked about in an earlier blog article. I also was experiencing sinus drainage behind my RIGHT eye and eyebrow area this last summer and thought it was an allergy–only on the RIGHT side?–Not making sense is it! My RIGHT eyelid has had a recurring twitch for years. My RIGHT tonsil often was sore. My RIGHT ear was sometimes sore. I had shingles on the RIGHT side of my face years ago–excruciatingly painful. Was this my body’s way of trying to detoxify this ONE piece of bad dentistry left in my mouth. Of course! What else could it be.

So if you think that your mercury amalgams are not causing you harm, or your mixed metal crown with a mercury amalgam underneath is just fine, or your root canals are not causing any symptoms in your body that you know of—THINK AGAIN! Read RADICAL MEDICINE and think again–it could be the best thing you ever have done to protect your health besides eating a nutrient-dense diet!  If you have any dental work done, it is imperative that you work with a highly qualified biological dentist.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

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7 thoughts on “Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?”

  1. Kathy,
    What do you do when your dentist tells you you have to have a root canal? What are the options?

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    In Louisa Williams’ book, she gives several options, including a different approach to the filling material used in a root canal that would prevent a possible infection from forming in the root. Of course, if saving the tooth is not the best choice, pulling it and putting in an implant may be the only solution. I would suggest reading her book and learning more.

  3. Dear Kathleen,

    Dr. Louisa Williams sent me this additional information that should help you in deciding what to do.

    In re: to the woman that asked about what to do when the DDS tells you you need a root canal please tell her to get a 2nd opinion. The tooth could need:

    1. Simply dropping Notatum 4X drops on the tooth, or perhaps remineralization with Organic Sulfur (good to brush your teeth with) or Quinton Marine Plasma (hold in mouth 1 minute before swallowing)
    2. If it’s a new filling/crown it may need to be shaved down a bit (“equilibrated”)
    3. It may be a somato-odonton problem – eg,someone may be eating a lot of sugar and the pancreas is referring to one of the first or second molar teeth – stop the sugar!
    4. Or it may be nothing. A lot of root canals get placed on healthy – but slightly transitorily-inflamed – teeth.

  4. Also…from Dr. Louisa Williams,

    This is one of the times when an x-ray (“periapical view”) of the tooth can be very valuable. If there is no obvious bone infection (eg, an apparent radiolucency or black hole) then the tooth may still be viable and have a chance. If there are obvious pathological x-ray signs however, then a root canal (if you are healthy enough to handle one – Dr Price’s quote on p. 496) or extraction through appropriate cavitation surgery through a biological dentist, may be necessary.

    Also don’t jump from a filling to a crown on p. 504 in my book.

  5. Hi Paul,
    If you read the book “Radical Medicine” by Dr Louisa Williams you will read about root canals and options. Also see the comments from this post by Dr. Williams on my blog look at the comments at the end of the post. If you need a root canal, I would get a second opinion from a biological dentist. Dr. Weston A. Price was very leery about root canals because the materials that are used contain mercury, which go into your system. If you live in the Chicago area, I can recommend a great biological dentist.

    Let me know.

  6. I live in the Northwest Chicago suburbs. What is the name of the biological dentist? Thanks!

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