Can Supplements Heal Acid Reflux?

I receive letters from people all around the world who are struggling to regain their health because they suffer from acid reflux. Many are professional singers who have lost their voice due to damage caused from acid escaping up the esophagus and into the vocal chords.

Acid reflux is a serious illness and a sign of poor digestion and poor health to come, if not corrected. However, I am somewhat surprised when people are reluctant to heed sound advice that could literally save their career and life.

Recently, I was asked about using supplements instead of the nutrient-dense food protocol I recommend to heal the gut. I was posed with the following question:

“Most of the “nutrient dense” foods you discuss are foods I dislike very much. Do you think supplements would work as well? Also, if I had to force myself to eat one or two of these foods, which would you say is/are the best? Thank you!”

My answer to this inquiry was:

“I know that the foods I recommend have the most power to heal the gut. Bone broth and bone broth soups are a must followed by probiotic foods. Supplements have little ability to heal the gut as the body does not recognize them as food. Real food has the nutritional elements to heal the body.”

In my seminars on healing, I remind people that it has only been in the last 60 years that we have had so many nutrient-poor “foods” available. In fact, grocery stores are “new” in light of history. Traditionally, the “grocery” store was your farm where you grew and raised all the food you ate.

The body will heal best with “real food.” The effort it takes to break poor eatingĀ  habits to heal and build optimal health is worth its weight in gold. Without your health, you will not be able to live the life you were meant to live.

For more information on building health and healing with nutrient-dense foods see my book, Performance without Pain and my e-book on healing acid-reflux.

Best in health,

Kathryne Pirtle

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